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New Orleans Athletic Club


A Historic Race Benefiting Local Charities Since 1986

 Spina Bifida Association of Greater New Orleans and  New Orleans City Park

November 28, 2013



2002 Race Results

The Historic Thanksgiving Morning Race since 1907 in scenic

New Orleans City Park


Established in 1907, The New Orleans Athletic Club "Turkey Day Race" is one of the oldest and continuously held non-marathon races in the United States.  Since 1986, the race proceeds have benefited charities in our local community.


Since 1907, the Turkey Day Race has established a rich tradition and heritage among runners throughout the South. 


95th Annual Turkey Day Race on November 28, 2002


1st Place:  Brendan Minihan, Jr.   25:41



 95th Annual Turkey Day  Race
November 28, 2002    
 Overall   Overall
1  Brendan Minihan, Jr.   25:41   1  Amanda Yeates  29;58
2  Andrew Lilly         26:10   2  Allison Moll 31:58
NOAC Member   NOAC Member
1 Kevin Kane 31;30   1 Erin Nolan 34:26
2 Larry Centola 40:48   2 Kathleen Welch  34:27
1s tMaster   -   Peter Weatherhead 29:15 1st Master  -  Kathleen Welch 34:27
Age Groups - Men   Age Groups - Women
0-14   0-14
Chris Humphreys   31:10   Alex Humphreys 43:45
Daniel Scullen    33:51   Sabrina Martinez 44:44
Kirk Farrelly   35:30   Mallory Guidry 44:50
15-19   15-19
Alex Aschenbrenner   27:08   Erin Nolan 34:26
Matt Greco 28:26   Lavier Jacobs  35:00
A Critalovic  28:56   Lucy Rafferty 37:00
20-24   20-24
Ryan Gallahger  27:51   Sara Weathersby 36:53
Mike Gulotta 28:00   Michelle Lamkuhbr 37:05
Amand Viswanathan  28:40   Lynn Landry 38:05
25-29   25-29
Santos Martinez  26:22   Rachel Quintana 32:40
Brandon Wingate  27:14   Lindsey deBessanet 33:00
Chris Kehoe  27:42   Lisa Merkle 33:13
30-34   30-34
Jessie Palmer  27:01   Michelle Ginsburg 34:21
Steve Sloan  27:59   Lisa Lory 36:16
Chris Mc Crory  30:15   Melissa Mattison 37:25
35-39   35-39
Ross Shales 27:38   Carolyn Bordes 34:30
Wayne Chenet 27:55   Lele Hainkel 39:19
Jim Garvey 28:40   Beth Ribbut 42:35
40-44   40-44
Johnny Mc Bride 29:56   Yvette Winchester 39:38
Rick Montgomery 30:28   Paula Maloney 40:35
Jimmy Kirkland 30_47   Anne Marie St Clair 41:14
45-49   45-49
Lawrence Cohen 30:45   Harriett Handshaw 36:59
Bill Reese 30:49   Leann Myers 37:56
Emmitt Lockard 31:29   Billie Sloss 38:01
50-54   50-54
Junius Nixon 30_04   Joan Album 39:06
Kenny Mire 31:30   Judi Farelly 45:00
Roy Roberson 31:34   Wanita Montreuil 46:22
55-59   55-59
Brendan Minihan, Sr.  30:26   Sharon Harney 52:08
Jim Marsalis 33:47   Jackie Wolverton 52:35
Leo Beaulieu 34:14   Jamie Manders 52:50
60-64   60-64
Len Bahr 36:27   Martha Rickford 46:17
William Ashley 38:03   Ruth Baehr 49:00
Charles Lataxes  40;35   Erva Guenther 50:01
65-69   65-69
Dan Purrington 43:31   Edythe Trail 1hr:22
Gabe Abene 45:15    
Ed Wilson 48:02    
70 +   70+
Charles Lehrmann 48:35   Amelia Gasson 1hr 31
Bill Cohen 49:50    
Dale Roth 53:01    





Teachers Take the 95th Annual Turkey Day Race


It was a chilly Thanksgiving morning for the running of the 95th Annual Turkey Day Race.  A total of 1,203 participants, 788 men and 415 women faced the starting gun at 9:00 A.M. on Marconi Drive for the traditional 5 mile race.  The shade from oak lined streets in New Orleans City Park made the 45-degree temperature uncomfortable but compared to last year, only about 130 participants stayed home by the fire.


The temperatures were low and so were the runners’ times. Brendan Minihan Jr. was the first male to cross the finish line at 25:41.  In 2001, Brendan place 2nd overall at 25:55 and in 2000 he placed  1st overall at 25:05. Brendan is a 6th grade English teacher and Cross Country Track Coach at Metairie Park Country Day School. Brendan attended Newman High School where he ran track and cross country. He went on to become an elite runner at Rhodes College in Memphis, Tennessee and returned to New Orleans to teach the next generation. Brendan grew up running with his father, Brendan Minihan Sr. who has been running the Turkey Day Race since the 1960’s and this year placed 1st in his 55-59 age group with a fast time of 30:26


Amanda Yeates was the first woman to cross the finish line with a time of 29:58. Amanda is a University of New Orleans English professor.


Tradition and commitment best describes the Turkey Day Race. This year, Mr. Albert Briede completed his 44th consecutive Turkey Day Race. In the February 1986 issue of RUNNER'S WORLD, an article entitled "You Should Be Committed,” covered the 78th Annual Turkey Day Race and featured Mr. Briede as one of New Orleans famous runners.


The NOAC member male awards went to first place winner Kevin Kane with a time of 31:30 and second to Larry Centola at 40:48.  The NOAC women were strong competitors. Erin Nolan was the first NOAC woman to cross the finish line and she won 1st place in her age group, the competitive 15 –19 year old category at 34:26. The 2nd place NOAC woman was Kathleen Welch who ran only 1 second behind Erin. Kathleen also won the 1st Master Award with an impressive time of 34:27.


The winners of the NOAC 95th Annual Turkey Day Race were all those who made the distance, and the charities who ultimately benefit from the energy of all those involved. Each year the race helps those in our community in need and your support is greatly appreciated.


Ron Schulingkamp

Race Director





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